Shimanami Kaido Cycling Course

Shimanami Kaido Cycling Course
Shimanami Kaido Cycling Course
South East of Hiroshima

The Shimanami Kaido crosses the Seto Inland Sea for 70 kilometers from Onomichi City through six islands to Imabari City on Shikoku. The whole course has a dedicated cycling route, keeping cyclists away from the traffic and close to the beautiful scenery of the Seto Inland Sea. You can customize your journey, choosing to cycle the whole course, or opting to complete small sections and return to Onomichi on a boat or a bus.


There is a bicycle rental service for the Shimanami Kaido. You can rent and drop off a bicycle at any terminal along the Shimanami Kaido. Basic bicycles can be rented for 1000 yen for adults and 300 yen for children per day. Electric assisted bicycles can be rented for 1500 yen up to 6 hours. Two-person tandem cycles can be rented for 500 yen per day, although some terminals do not stock tandems. A 1000 yen deposit is required at the time of renting (you get the deposit back if you return the bicycle at the same terminal). For more high-end road bikes, check out the GIANT bicycle shop in Onomichi U2 and Imabari.


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Address :
Onomichi City of Hiroshima Pref. to Imabari City of Ehime Pref.
Official website URL :
Access :
Onomichi City, Mukai-shima, Inno-shima, Ikuchi-jima, Omi-shima, Hakata-jima, O-shima, Imabari City
Parking :
(Onomichi city, Hiroshima Pref.) Ekimae Kowan Car Park (paid) 8 large cars, 230 regular cars
Fee :
Electric assist bicycle: Adults: 1,500 yen (up to 6 hours), Tandem bicycle: 1,200 yen per day, Other bicycles: 1,000 yen per day (adults) and 300 yen per day (children). A 1,000 yen for adults (500 yen for children) deposit is required. (If the bicycle is returned to the terminal within the same island, the deposit will be refunded.)


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