Hiroshima Dreamination

Hiroshima Dreamination
Hiroshima Dreamination
Hiroshima Dreamination
South West of Hiroshima

Hiroshima Dreamination is a decorative illumination event featuring trees decorated with colorful lights and giant sculptural monuments decked out in radiant electric lighting that are set up along Peace Boulevard and throughout the city center.

This year, between the hours of 17:30 and 22:30 every night from November 17th until January 3rd of the following year, the multicolored lights of approximately 1.4 million bulbs will come together to create a fantastical fairytale world. Depending on the date, there will also be appearances by carriages decked in electric lighting that are drawn by real snow-white horses, further adding to the sense of wonder and merriment that overtakes the city center of Hiroshima during this period.

In keeping with the "fairyland" theme, the light sculpture installations will include those that you can enjoy viewing--including animals, flowers, sweets and larger sculptures, such as Christmas trees and sailboats--as well as palaces and arch-lined paths that you can actually enter and walk through.

The merry-go-round and fairy sculptures are especially popular among children, while heart-shaped sculptures and benches decked in electric lights are popular with couples. The season is cold, but for the locals and visitors who walk from one end of the Dreamination area to the other while snapping pictures all along the way, the many sculptures and works of art and the electric lights decorating the trees help them to forget the cold by giving them a warm feeling in their hearts.

It is safe to say that Hiroshima Dreamination has become a seasonal tradition that is already an indispensable part of winter in Hiroshima.


Address :
Peace Boulevard, Naka-ku, Hiroshima-shi
Phone :
Opening Hour :
5:30pm-10:30pm, November 17th to January 3rd every year.
Official website URL :
Access :
1.From Hiroshima Station, take a Hiroshima Electric Railway streetcar to Fukuromachi Station (15 minutes). Total travel time: 51 minutes.

2.From Hiroshima Station, take the airport limousine bus to Hiroshima Bus Center (51 minutes). Peace Boulevard is a short walk from Hiroshima Bus Center (8 minutes). Total travel time: approximately 1 hour.


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