Hiroshima Flower Festival

Hiroshima Flower Festival
Hiroshima Flower Festival
Hiroshima Flower Festival
Hiroshima Flower Festival
Hiroshima Flower Festival
Hiroshima Flower Festival
South West of Hiroshima

The Hiroshima Flower Festival is one of the biggest annual events held in Hiroshima Prefecture. A celebration of flowers, nature, music and peace, the festival takes place along Hiroshima Peace Boulevard over a three-day period during the "Golden Week" long holiday each May, attracting well over 1,000,000 visitors from all over Hiroshima Prefecture and beyond.

During the festival, over 30 stages are set up along Peace Boulevard for special events and performances and there are also exhibits featuring regional products, flea markets and more. In addition, at the entrance to Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park, there stands a giant Flower Tower, the symbol of the festival, beautifully adorned with many different types of flowers.

While various groups entertain attendees with dance shows, concerts and other performances, the parade that marches over a kilometer along the length of Peace Boulevard is also quite a sight to behold. Many sightseers visit just to see this parade, and more and more people are visiting with each passing year. In the evening, there is a candlelit event featuring candles that bear hopeful messages of peace, keeping the festival going until well into the evening.

The various flowers adorning Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park were grown with love and care at schools and offices throughout Hiroshima Prefecture. Known as "Peace Flower Project Cultivation (Hana-iku)," this activity is an effort to bring vibrant colors to Hiroshima Prefecture with flowers. The Hiroshima Flower Festival, where the smiles of people both young and old come into full bloom right alongside the flowers, will surely continue to be a quintessential Hiroshima Golden Week tradition.


Address :
Peace Memorial Park, Peace Boulevard, Naka-ku, Hiroshima-shi
Phone :
Access :
1. From Hiroshima Station, take a Hiroshima Electric Railway streetcar to Fukuromachi Station (15 minutes). Total travel time: 15 minutes.

2. From Hiroshima Airport, take the airport limousine bus to Hiroshima Bus Center (51 minutes). The Hiroshima Flower Festival is a short walk from Hiroshima Bus Center (8 minutes). Total travel time: approximately 1 hour.


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