Autumn Leaves

Autumn Leaves
Autumn Leaves
Autumn Leaves

The time of year when the mountains are crowned with leaves in resplendent hues of red and yellow is the very picture of autumnal beauty in Japan. The best spot for viewing autumn leaves in all of Hiroshima Prefecture would have to be Miyajima, part of what was once Aki Province (aki also means autumn in Japanese).

The multicolored splendor of the autumn leaves covering the trees and the stunning crimson of Itsukushima Shrine and its great torii gate come together in a magnificent double show of color. Momijidani Park, near the ropeway platform, is a perfect place to enjoy a picnic as you take in the beauty of the autumn leaves to your heart's content. Sandankyo, another popular sightseeing spot in the northern part of Hiroshima Prefecture, is also a good place to visit during the season for viewing autumn leaves.

Sandankyo, a gorge carved into the middle of a primeval forest that is surrounded by steep rocky bluffs, is interwoven with all kinds of natural beauty, including waterfalls and pools of clear, clean water. When the leaves of the surrounding trees begin to change color, it is as though the trees have been dabbed with paint in every imaginable shade of red and yellow. When the autumn leaves fall and scatter, the surfaces of the streams produce yet another deeply moving scene.

One spot where you can experience the beauty of the autumn leaves together with Japanese culture is Buttsuji Temple in Mihara City. A Zen Temple with expansive temple grounds, Buttsuji Temple is also surrounded by a Prefectural Natural Park. Strolling through the trees draped in their autumn leaves, on a path carpeted with deep red maple leaves, one can experience the essence of autumn in Japan simply by taking in the tranquil atmosphere of solemnity that surrounds the temple together with the multicolored splendor of the trees. Gazing upon the captivating beauty of nature in autumn in Hiroshima is sure to become an unforgettable memory and an image that will stay with you long after.



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