National Bihoku Hills Park

National Bihoku Hills Park
National Bihoku Hills Park
National Bihoku Hills Park
National Bihoku Hills Park
National Bihoku Hills Park
National Bihoku Hills Park
North East of Hiroshima

This is was the 11th national park to be established in Japan. There is the three hectare Flower Square where 70 varieties of flowers blossom between spring and autumn.

One of the highlights of the park is the Hiba no Sato - a set of carefully reproduced traditional Japanese dwellings, including farmhouses with thatched roofs, a kagura hall, craft centers and gardens. It also boasts one of the finest views of the Chugoku Mountains.

The Forest Athletic Course has 39 different sets of athletic equipment, a 4.6 km long cycling course, and a disc golf course. Go to the Tsudoi no Sato for regular golf and the cherry blossoms in spring. To top it all off, you can relax for hours in the 8-hectare Great Lawn Square.


Address :
4-10 mikkaichi-cho, Shobara City, 727-0022
Phone :
Opening Hour :
9:30 a.m.-17:00 p.m. (July-August, open until 18:00 p.m. November-Febrary, open until 16:30 p.m.) *Monday. The following Tuesday when Monday falls on the national holiday. December 31th January 1st. *April-early May: Spring Festival The middle of August:
Official website URL :
Official website Option :
Access :
[By car] Approx.4 km from Shobara IC of Chugoku Expressway [By public transportation] 1 Approx.20 min. on foot from Nanatsuka Station of JR Geibi Line 2 Approx.20 min. on foot from"Kumanoguchi" bus stop of Bihoku-kotsu bus
Parking :
Available ( 2837 cars, large-size bus is available )
Fee :
Adults (Over high school): 410 yen.
Senior over 65 years old: 210 yen.
Children (Elementary and middle school): 80 yen.
Parking fee: regular car, 310 yen


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