World Heritage Site and Takehara - Hiroshima Prefecture's 'Little Kyoto' -

World Heritage Site and Takehara - Hiroshima Prefecture's 'Little Kyoto' -

In the historic old town in Takehara, you can enjoy the beautifully preserved architecture and sample sake from Takehara's famous breweries. Takehara is also a stone's throw from Ōkunoshima Island - known to the world as 'Rabbit Island'. Take a short ferry ride from Tadanoumi Port and you will be surrounded by hundreds of wild rabbits as soon as you land.

Day 1

Depart from Hiroshima Station

From Hiroshima City: Tram 20 min
From Miyajima: Train 30 min, Ferry 10 min

Hiroshima City (Atomic Bomb Dome) or Miyajima

The Atomic Bomb Dome and the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park
From Miyajima: Ferry 10 min, Train 30 min

Hiroshima City【Stay】

Day 2

Depart from Hiroshima City
Hiroshima Bus Center

Bus 1 hr 20 min

Takehara Station

Walk 15 min

Takehara Preserved Historical Town

Known as 'Hiroshima's Little Kyoto', Takehara had its beginnings as the site of a manor for Kyoto's Shimogamo Shrine in the Heian period. Takehara's old town, which has been designated as an important preservation district of historical buildings, has buildings dating from the Edo period through to the Showa period. A walk through Takehara will give you a good understanding of the shifts in architecture from one era to the next.

Takehara Important Preservation District of Historical Buildings

Walk 15 min

Takehara Station

Train 15 min

Tadanoumi Station

Walk 5 min

【Tadanoumi Port】Boat 12 min
After arriving at Ōkunoshima Island Walk 20 min (There is also a free bus service)

Ōkunoshima Island (around the Kyukamura)

A 12-minute boat journey from Tadanoumi, this small island with a circumference of approximately 4 km was formerly a secret island producing poison gas for the Japanese military. Now, designated as a National Park, it is known for the 700 or so rabbits that call this island home. Thousands of tourists from Japan and abroad come every year to visit these furry islanders.
With the Kyukamura Ōkunoshima, a campsite, and Ōkunoshima Visitor Center, there are facilities on the island for accommodation, hot springs and dining. You can also enjoy activities such as tennis and cycling.

Walk 10 min

Ōkunoshima Poison Gas Museum

Today, Ōkunoshima Island is a national park and a recreational site for people to enjoy and relax in. Only a few traces remain of the island's dark past, such as the ruins of gun batteries, power plants and poison gas storage facilities. The Poison Gas Museum was created in 1988 to remind us about the deadly gas that was manufactured here and all the victims of this gas. By displaying materials from the time and explaining the misery brought about by the gas, the museum adds its voice to the calls for an end to war and peace in the world.

Walk 10 min

Walk (There is also a free bus service) After arriving at the port Ferry 12 min

【Tadanoumi Port】to【Tadanoumi Station】Walk 5 min
Tadanoumi Station】to【Takehara Station】 Train 15 min

Takehara Station

Bus 1 hr 20 min

Arrive in Hiroshima City


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