World Heritage Site & Onomichi

World Heritage Site & Onomichi

The vibrant and historic city of Onomichi was designated as a 'Japanese Heritage City' in 2015. It has become a hit among film-fans, foodies, cyclists and cat-lovers alike. Walk the streets of Onomichi and enjoy its unique atmosphere.

Day 1

Depart from Hiroshima Station

From Hiroshima City: Tram 20 min
From Miyajima: Train 30 min, Ferry 10 min

Hiroshima City (Atomic Bomb Dome) or Miyajima

The Atomic Bomb Dome and the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park
From Miyajima: Ferry 10 min, Train 30 min

Hiroshima City【Stay】

Day 2

Depart from Hiroshima City
Hiroshima Station

Shinkansen Bullet Train 50 min【Kodama】

Shin-Onomichi Station

Bus direction Nagae 10 min

【Direction Onomichi Station, get off at Nagaeguchi】
Senkōji Ropeway 3 min

Senkōji Park

Onomichi was designated as a Japanese Heritage City in April 2015.
From the observation deck on the top of Senkōji Park, you can view Onomichi below as well as the beautiful islands of the Seto Inland Sea. If the weather is good, you can see all the way across to the Shikoku mountains. In spring, the park is full of cherry blossoms and even at night the glimmer of lights illuminate the cherry trees enough to make night cherry blossom viewing possible. These cherry blossoms were selected in the list of '100 Top Cherry Blossoms in Japan'.

Senkōji Temple

This Buddhist temple was thought to have been founded in 806 CE and it is now symbol of Onomichi. The red Main Hall is known as the 'Akado' or 'Red Hall' and the bell tower is famous for signaling in the new year. The large rock next to the main hall is called 'Tama-no-Iwa' or 'Ball of Rock' and the gem on top of the rock that shined brightly was used as a beacon for seafarers.

Walk 10 min

Cat Trail

Cat Trail is a narrow path that runs for 200m from the Manekineko Art Museum to the three-storied pagoda at Tennei-ji Temple. In 1998, the artist Shunji Sonoyama started placing his 'lucky stone cats' along the path and so the nickname 'Cat Trail' gradually stuck. Also keep an eye out for all the cosy shops and galleries tucked away in this area.

Walk 10 min

Onomichi Hondōri Shopping Arcade

The Onomichi Hondōri Shopping Arcade stretches east for 1.2 km from the statue of Fumiko Hayashi in front of the Onomichi JR Station. Shops are making use of old buildings such as the old Chamber of Commerce building and the old public bathhouse. Many events are held in the shopping arcade during the year, such as 'Saturday Night Shops' and the 'Tanabata Decorations' in summer, and the 'Onomichi Lantern Festival' and the 'Betcha Festival' in autumn.

Walk 15 min


This complex is a renovated waterside warehouse to the west of the Onomichi JR Station. Onomichi is the entrance to the Shimanami Kaido, a set of islands connected with bridges and fast becoming a mecca for cycling enthusiasts. Along with a restaurant, bar, bakery and a cycling shop, the complex also has a high-end hotel designed specifically to cater to cyclists.

Walk 5 min

Arrive at Onomichi JR Station


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