World Heritage 2 Days Trip (Start from the Atomic Bomb Dome)

World Heritage 2 Days Trip (Start from  the Atomic Bomb Dome)

This itinerary will take you to Hiroshima's two World Heritage Sites. It begins with a visit to the Atomic Bomb Dome and ends on the island of Miyajima with its famous shrine on the water.

Day 1

Hiroshima station

①Bus,②Hiroden streetcar
There are two means to go to the center of city from Hiroshima station. You can choose bus or streetcar.

The Atomic Bomb Dome and Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park

Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park is the calm park surrounded by rivers and greenery. And then the Atomic Bomb Dome sends the universal message of peace to the world. Click for details.

  • The Atomic Bomb Dome
Walking on the shopping street

How about go shopping at the center of Hiroshima-city? The area from Kamiya-cho to Hacchobori is one of the biggest downtowns in the Western Japan. You can enjoy shopping for Kumanofude brush, sake, electric appliances and other various souvenirs at department stores and the arcade street "Hondori". Click for details.

  • Shopping street
Lunch (Okonomiyaki and Tsukemen)

If you feel hungry after walking the town, Okonomiyaki is good choice for massive lunch. Or, how about trying spicy "Tsukemen"? Click for details.

  • Okonomiyaki
  • Tsukemen

①World Heritage Course ②Hiroden streetcar ③JR

There are three means to go to Miyajima Island from the center of Hiroshima-city. First, the World Heritage Course is the cruise route that departs in front of the A-bomb Domb and arrives at the Miyajima Island in 45 minutes. Next, the streetcar bounds for Miyajimaguchi and get on the ferry from the Miyajimaguchi port. Then, JR train bounds for west direction go to Miyajimaguchi too. There are two ferry companies and each ticket price for one way is 170 yen in the same way. Click for details.

Miyajima Island
Itsukushima shrine, the Five Storied Pagoda, Daishoin and Machiya-dori street and etc.

Though the Itsukushima shrine that is the world heritage is the most famous place in Miyajima, there are also several shrines and temples like the five storied pagoda, Daishoin and so on. After visiting the shrines and temples, it is the recommend to walk the back street "Machiya-dori", and have a cup of tea at the nice café that was repaired of the old house. Click for details.

  • Miyajima
Staying in Miyajima Island

You should stay in Miyajima Island and touch the great atmosphere of the landscape of the Itsukushima shrine in night and morning. Especially the shrine lighted up in the night looks really beautiful. There are so many Ryokans there, and you must feel very Japanese when having Japanese formally arranged meal, wearing yukata that is the summer style kimono. Click for details.

  • Itsukushima shrine in night
  • Ryokan in Miyajima island

Day 2

Option 1 - Misen Mountain

The sight from the top of Misen Mountain is marvelous. You can choose cable car or trekking to go to the top. There are some attractive places to visit in the Misen Mountain. At Reikadou you can see the fire that has never gone out in 1,200 years and also can drink miraculous water too. There is the Sankido shrine that is very rare because three fierce gods are worshiped, too. Please walk and visit them calmly. Click for details.

  • Misen Mountain
Option 2 - Sea kayak

If you like sea rather than mountain, you should try sea kayak. You can get close to the big Torii of Itsukushima Shrine by the kayak, and it must be the great experience. Click for details.

  • Sea kayak
Lunch and Walking on the main street

There are cafes, restaurants of oyster and sea eel, and souvenir shops etc. are along the main street. Walking the street, you can enjoy trying some nice snacks and foods.

  • The main street
Back to Hiroshima-city


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Photo Courtesy of Hiroshima Prefecture
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