Nature & Baseball - Enjoy Summer in Hiroshima

Nature & Baseball - Enjoy Summer in Hiroshima

There is plenty to do in summer in Hiroshima. This itinerary will take you to the refreshing natural scenery of the Sandankyo Gorge and an exciting baseball game at Hiroshima Carp's Mazda Stadium.

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Sandankyo Gorge

This beautiful gorge runs through the mountains northwest of Hiroshima City. The lush greens of spring and the golden hues of the autumn leaves makes this a popular spot for ramblers and nature-lovers love to hike through Sandankyo, enjoying its refreshing greenery during summer and its autumn leaves in fall. There are some breathtaking waterfalls and crevasses in the gorge, including a famous two-tiered and three-tiered waterfall.

You can also board a ferryboat ride to cross over to Kurobuchiso, where you can enjoy local cuisine and Sarutobi - a narrow passage through the rocks to the two-tiered waterfall.

※The ferryboats run from the end of April to the end of November. The service stops during the rainy season and during bad weather.

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Watching The Hiroshima Carp

What better way to finish off the day than to sit down and cheer on Hiroshima's much-loved baseball team. The Hiroshima Carp are idolized by fans throughout the prefecture and you'll see people wearing the distinctive red uniform throughout the city. If you get the chance (and the tickets) make sure you do not pass up the opportunity to watch a game at their home ground - the Mazda Stadium.

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After watching the baseball, head downtown. Hiroshima has a buzzing nightlife and you'll be spoilt for choice for bars and restaurants. Make sure you try Hiroshima's favourite 'okonomiyaki'.Click for details.

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