Try Okonomiyaki - Hiroshima's Soul Food

Try Okonomiyaki - Hiroshima's Soul Food

Hiroshima okonomiyaki is a savory pancake packed full of vegetables, seafood, and meat and adored by locals. If you want to experience this special dish, there's nowhere better than "Okonomimura".

Hiroshima Station

10 minutes' ride on Hiroshima Streetcar No.1, No.2, or No.6 (150 yen)

Hatchobori Stop

3 minutes' walk


Everyone here loves the okonomiyaki. So much so, there are more than 2000 Okonomiyaki restaurants in the prefecture.

If you fancy trying the okonomiyaki, a good place to start is the "Okonomimura" food park in the center of Hiroshima City. Originally, okonomiyaki street vendors gathered in this location after the Second World War. Now the building houses about 25 okonomiyaki restaurants and locals and tourists come to enjoy this region's signature dish.

  • Okonomimura

Address: 5-13 Shintenchi, Naka-ku, Hiroshima

Pick the restaurant

There are about 25 okonomiyaki restaurants from 2nd floor to 4th floor. The atmosphere is usually lively with each restaurant using their own distinctive seasonings and toppings. Every restaurant accommodates 10 to 20 customers around the metal teppan griddle. Some restaurants have English menus or menus with photos making ordering very simple.

<Restaurants with an English menu>

  • Shin chan

Founded about 50 years ago, Shin-chan is a long-established okonomiyaki restaurant that started out as an okonomiyaki street stand. It's known for its large portions, using plenty of steamed cabbage and bean sprouts.

Location: 2nd floor of Okonomimura
Open: 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. Closed: Mondays
Number of Seats: 25
Price: From 630 yen

Pick your menu

When you decide on a restaurant, sit at the counter and place your order. Basic okonomiyaki contains cabbage, noodles, thinly-sliced pork and eggs. You can add optional ingredients such as Hiroshima oysters (seasonal), scallops, squid, shrimps, or cheese. Some people like to add mochi rice cakes for the added texture.

The cooking process

After you order, the chef will create the okonomiyaki in front of your eyes.
First, the chef pours a thin flour-batter to create a small circle. Then comes a handful of sliced cabbage, beansprouts and thinly-sliced pork, followed by other toppings. This is left to cook as the chef begins to fry noodles on the side. When the noodles are done, the chef will combine the noodles into the okonomiyaki. Finally, a fried egg completes the layers and the whole okonomiyaki is placed in front of you.

  • Okonomiyaki
  • Okonomiyaki
  • Okonomiyaki
  • Okonomiyaki
Time to eat!

Once the okonomiyaki is in front of you, you can decide to add various condiments. The most popular combination is brown okonomiyaki sauce, seaweed flakes, and mayonnaise. In Hiroshima, the tradition is to use a metal spatula to cut and eat the okonomiyaki. But no one will mind if you opt for chopsticks!


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