Watch and Support Carp - Hiroshima's Beloved Baseball Team!

Watch and Support Carp - Hiroshima's Beloved Baseball Team!

Hiroshima Toyo Carp is Hiroshima's much-loved professional baseball team. Their home ground is the Mazda Stadium near Hiroshima Station. If you manage to get tickets, make sure you don't pass up the opportunity to cheer on the Carp!

South Exit of JR Hiroshima Station

Walk 10 minutes

Arrive at MAZDA Zoom-Zoom Stadium
Purchase tickets

Box Office: The ticket office for the day's game is sold at the stadium. Tickets are sold from 11:00 am on the day until the game finishes.
Price: Center "Suna kaburi Seat" 8000 yen
Performance Seat - from 1800 yen.
Infield non reserved seat - from 1600 yen.
Outfield non reserved seat - from 1500 yen.
*Carp tickets are extremely popular and sell out quickly.

Advanced tickets (sold until the day before a game) can be purchased at the ticket office of first base side of the stadium or the city ticket office "Carp Baseball Gallaly". Click for details.

  • Matsuda Zoom-Zoom Stadium
  • Matsuda Zoom-Zoom Stadium

[Game schedule of MAZDA Zoom-Zoom Stadium]
Hiroshima Carp Game schedule; click "Game Schedule"

How To Buy Tickets.; click "How To Buy Tickets"

Watch the games

Hiroshima Carp was founded by the citizens of Hiroshima after the devastation of WWII. In Japanese baseball games, it is normal for spectators to cheer on the team using drums and trumpets, as well as individual chants.You can purchase goods at the stadium shops. Click for details.

Keep an eye out for the Carp mascot "SLYLY" - he usually appears in the ballpark during the game. Click for details.

Another exciting thing about the ballpark is the range of game-time cuisine. Click for details.

  • Watch the games
  • Ways of cheering up the game of Carp
  • Stadium gourmet
After watching the game

It's a quick journey from the stadium to downtown Hiroshima, where you can pick a bar or izakaya and talk about the game over a beer.


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