A Naval Themed Itinerary - Discover Kure City

A Naval Themed Itinerary - Discover Kure City

Kure City - known as the home of Japan's naval arsenal. It was where the famous Japanese battleship 'Yamato' was constructed during the Second World War.
This itinerary will take you through the Yamato Museum and Kure's other popular sightseeing spots.

Day 1

Depart from Hiroshima Station

Tram 20 min

Hiroshima City

Hiroshima City is the largest city in the Chugoku and Shikoku regions of Japan. Spend time here taking in the World Heritage Sites - the Atomic Bomb Dome and the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park.

Tram 20 min

Hiroshima Station

Tram 40 min

Kure Station

Walk 10 min

Kure's Street Food Stands

Kure City - known as the home of Japan's naval arsenal. It was where the famous Japanese battleship 'Yamato' was constructed during the Second World War. From around 6pm, street food vendors start appearing on Kuramoto Street, and the street quickly becomes a hive of activity. Standard street food like ramen noodles and oden is on offer, as well as cuisine you rarely find at a street stand.

Kure City【Stay】

Day 2

Leave the accommodation
Kure City【Kure Naval Curry】

In Kure, there are many things to entertain the palate such as thin udon noodles or traditional confectionary. Currently, 'Kure Naval Curry' is taking the city by storm. They have faithfully recreated the curry being eaten onboard the ships of the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force. Curry is cooked on the ships once a week as a point of reference for sailors who might lose track of time out at sea. Restaurants across the city are offering people a taste of the distinct curries served in the different naval ships of the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force.

Walk 10 min

Yamato Museum

This museum showcases the history of Kure from its origins with Japan's push for modernization after the Meiji Restoration - modernization built around steel and shipbuilding. The exhibits also explain the efforts and hardships experienced by the people who built the city. There is a 1:10 scale replica of the Yamato inside the museum as well as a real Mitsubishi Zero A6M fighter plane. On the third floor, there are ship simulators and other exhibits that let you experience and learn about the technology behind ships and shipbuilding firsthand.

Walk 3 min

The Whale of Iron Museum

Look diagonally across from the Yamato Museum, and you'll see a submarine. Don't worry, you're not dreaming - this museum is the first in Japan to exhibit an actual full-size decommissioned submarine. The museum houses exhibits explaining the history of the Maritime Self-Defense Force and its connections with Kure. You can board the submarine 'Akishio' and inside the captain's quarters and the officers' quarters have been recreated. It also simulates what the conditions are like when the submarine is submerged.

Walk 3 min

Kure Harbor Ship Tour

From the main pier you can enjoy cruises that take you past the Maritime Self-Defense Force's submarines and escort ships. Only in Kure will you find such a memorable cruise, guided by a former official in the Maritime Self-Defense Force.
Also, the 'Kure Evening Cruise' is highly recommended where you can sit and enjoy the sunset from the harbor. The cruise also makes a point to go past the trumpet played by the sailors 15 minutes before sunset.

Walk 5 min

Kure Station

Train 40 min

Return to Hiroshima City


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