Suggested Itinerary

Suggested Itinerary
Recommended World
Heritage Site Itinerary01
This will take you to Hiroshima's two World Heritage Sites. First, a visit to the Atomic Bomb Dome will inform you about the horrors of man's first use of a nuclear bomb in wartime. This will be followed by a trip to the magnificent shrine on the sea, Itsukushima Shrine. There is plenty to see wherever you go.
  • 2days 1night
  • Hatsukaichi City
  • Hiroshima City
World Heritage Site
This will take you to Hiroshima's two World Heritage Sites and interesting sightseeing spots nearby. For those who want to stay overnight, we recommend staying at the famous Ikuchijima Island and Innoshima Island on the Shimanami Kaido.
  • 2days 1night
  • Hatsukaichi City
  • Hiroshima City
A Naval Themed
Itinerary -
Discover Kure City03
Kure City - known as the home of Japan's naval arsenal. It was where the famous Japanese battleship 'Yamato' was constructed during the Second World War.This itinerary will take you through the Yamato Museum and Kure's other popular sightseeing spots.
  • 2days 1night
  • Kure City
Discover Takehara -
Hiroshima Prefecture's
'Little Kyoto' 04
In the historical and preserved town of Takehara, you can enjoy the beautifully kept architecture while also sampling the sake from Takehara's famous old breweries. Takehara is also a stone's throw away from Ōkunoshima Island, known around the world as 'Rabbit Island'. Here you can take your family and meet hundreds of wild rabbits that live on the island.
  • 2days 1night
  • Takehara City
Enjoy Onomichi -
Designated as a
Japan Heritage City05
In 2015, Onomichi was designated as a Japan Heritage City.
You can enjoy the nostalgic atmosphere in the streets of Onomichi
  • 2days 1night
  • Onomichi City
Recommended for
History Buffs - Tour
the Sites Connected to
the Mōri Clan06
Known as the stronghold of Mōri Motonari, Akitakata has numerous historical remains connected to the Mōri clan. This itinerary will visit the sights connected to the Mōri clan, such as Mōri Motonari's grave.
  • 2days 1night
  • Akitakata City
Enjoy Cormorant
Fishing and
Hot Springs -
Tour the North of
Hiroshima Prefecture07
Between June and August in Miyoshi City, you can view the ancient practice of cormorant fishing as recorded in the Kojiki (Japan's oldest written records). This itinerary will also take you on a tour of seasonal flowers and art museums.
  • 2days 1night
  • Shobara City
  • Shobara City


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