Setouchi Shimanami Cycling Course

Setouchi Shimanami Cycling Course
Setouchi Shimanami Cycling Course
South East of Hiroshima

Shimanami Kaido which crosses Seto Inland Sea spans about 70 kilometers from Onomichi City through six islands to Imabari City. Along this Shimanami Kaido runs Seto Inland Sea Crossing Cycling Route, where you can enjoy a ride as you appreciate the scenic beauty of the ocean and nature of the islands. You can try only one section, or can go all over the route as staying relaxingly on the islands. Just savor the magnificent view of Seto Inland Sea from grand bridges as you travel the comfortable distances.

setouchi_shimanami_cycling_0101 Also, there is a bicycle rental service available along Shimanami Kaido. You can rent and drop off a bicycle at any terminal along Shimanami Kaido. Usual cycles can be rented for 500 yen for adults and 300 yen for children (under elementary school) per day. Electric assist cycles can be rented for 800 yen up to four hours. Two-person tandem cycles can be rented for 500 yen per day, although some terminals do not have these special bicycles. A 1000 yen deposit is required at the time of renting (you get the deposit back if you return the bicycle at the same terminal as you rented.) Bridges along Shimanami Kaido charge a toll of 10 to 200 yen depending on the bridges.
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Address :
Onomichi City of Hiroshima Pref. to Imabari City of Ehime Pref.
Access :
Onomichi City, Mukai-shima, Inno-shima, Ikuchi-jima, Omi-shima, Hakata-jima, O-shima, Imabari City
Parking :
(Onomichi city, Hiroshima Pref.) Ekimae Kowan Car Park (paid) 8 large cars, 230 regular cars
Fee :
Electric assist bicycle: Adults: 800 yen (up to 4 hours) Tandem bicycle: 500 yen per day Other bicycles: adults: 500 yen per day children: 300 yen per day A 1000 yen deposit is required. (If the bicycle is returned to the terminal within the same island, the deposit will be refunded.)


Photo Courtesy of Hiroshima Prefecture
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