Night Life

Night Life

“An Evening of Kagura” features the Geihoku Kagura performance with distinctively gorgeous costumes and large masks. This performance is one of the most popular types of kagura passed down in Hiroshima prefecture. “Hiroshima Cultural Night” is a new form of non-verbal evening entertainment that delivers the experience and feel of Japan and Hiroshima. Each cultural night features different collaborative shows of Kendama, samurai sword fighting, Noh performance, Wadaiko drumming, and Shakuhachi flute playing. English translations have been prepared and made available for these two programs, including interpretation services and projection of English translations for the lines spoken by performers . Taking photos during the performances is also allowed. When the entire program is over, members of the audience can try on the costumes and other articles worn by the Kagura troupe and other performers, as well as take photos with them.

An Evening of Kagura

The Kagura you will see today is called “Geihoku Kagura” (Northern Hiroshima) and has been preserved and passed along in Hiroshima Prefecture through approximately 150 groups. Furthermore, numerous competitions have been held and at present, it is the type of Kagura drawing the most attention. Though the performers have to study and work, they attend practice two to three times a week and perform at festivals and events on the weekends.

Hiroshima Cultural Night

Hiroshima night entertainment consists of special events that can only be seen in Hiroshima.
Samurai performances where you can feel Hiroshima's history. Kendama performances by amazing performers from Hiroshima, the birthplace of Kendama.
Noh (classical Japanese musical drama) makes you feel a profound sense of Japanese culture combined with a touch of other world cultures.
There are also performances with traditional Japanese musical instruments (shakuhachi, shamisen, Japanese drum, shinobue) which will resonate in your heart!
We have put together a wonderful program that you can enjoy, and it will be different every time. Please come and enjoy a special night with us.


Photo Courtesy of Hiroshima Prefecture
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