Hiroshima Optional Tour

Hiroshima Optional Tour

The Chugoku Regional Research Center (CRRC) launched Hiroshima Optional Tours (HOT) in 2011 collaborating with the Hiroshima prefectural government as part of an effort to promote international tourism. Under this aegis, nationally licensed tour guides created some exciting new Hiroshima excursions.

Since the end of the fixed-term collaboration with the prefecture, HOT has been steered by the CRRC and licensed professional tour guides. The goal of HOT is to help international visitors to Hiroshima explore intriguing destinations off the beaten path as well as those familiar to all.

Why don't you join Hiroshima Optional Tours (HOT)where you can find the real history of Hiroshima and its features?
For more information: http://www.hiroshimatours.info/

How to apply for HOT:

Reservation: Choose a tour you would like to join at the HOT website and apply for the Reservation & Inquiry Form. Then, a guide in charge will send you back a confirmation e-mail and the confirmation will be set. Your guide will contact you after the receipt of your request and the reservation will be effective only after receiving the reservation note. Please be sure to get his/her confirmation by e-mail or telephone after booking and before the date of your tour. If there is no contact confirmation from the guide due to last-minute applications (on the day or day before) etc., the tour reservation cannot be accepted.

Payment: Please pay the tour fee directly to the tour guide at the meeting place.

Meeting: Please get together at the designated meeting place in each tour for yourself.

Inquiry: If you have any questions, please ask via the Reservation & Inquiry Form.
For more information: http://www.hiroshimatours.info/

Tours you can experience with HOT (Menu)[Recommended tours]

Miyajima Walks
Itsukushima Shrine is so famous, but Miyajima is much more than that. Join the tour to discover an unknown Miyajima, a sacred island with a long history of 1400 years. You will hear in-depth stories of the island while visiting the famous shrine, the nature and the maze-like town of Miya jima .
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Shimanami Cycling Tours
Shimanami Kaido Cycling Route spans 70 km (42 miles) from Onomichi in Hiroshima Prefecture across the Inland Sea to Imabari in Ehime prefecture, crossing six islands and seven bridges. It is great fun to travel by bike hopping from lovely island to island and past mountains full of orange trees. Bridges along the route provide stunning views of the Inland Sea.
If you are an experienced cyclist, you can cycle all the way in one day. But shorter, more leisurely trips are also fascinating, taking your time and visiting local tourist spots and perhaps sweet shops. Please come and join me!
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Saijo Sake Brewery Street Walk
Saijo is readily accessible from Hiroshima Station. Take east-bound Sanyo Line about 35 minutes to go to JR Saijo St. The streets near the station along which several sake breweries stand are collectively called Sakagura-dori or Sake Brewery Street. It's a happy surprise to see a group of breweries nestled so close to each other. Join a guided walking tour and taste refined sake and clear water essential for sake making at several breweries.
You can bring back water in your bottles and it doesn't cost a cent or a yen! Cafes and stores with local colors are also fun to explore.
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