Enjoy Cherry Blossoms Course

Enjoy Cherry Blossoms Course

Travel around spring flowers of Hiroshima

Peace Memorial Park (cherry blossom)

From all over the world a lot of people come to visit Peace Memorial Park praying for peace. In spring, about 300 cherry trees (Prunus Yedoensis) along the river are in full bloom. Visitors can also enjoy unique cherry blossom viewing from the water as they go down the river on a sightseeing cruise. Click to see the detail.

  • Peace Memorial Park
  • Peace Memorial Park
Hiroshima station

JR Sanyo Line (90 min.)

Onomichi Station
Senkoji Park/ Senkoji (cherry blossom)

In the north of Onomichi Station on JR Sanyo Line stands Mt. Senkoji which is 144.2 meters high. Senkoji Park is located from the top to middle of this mountain. It is recognized as one of Top 100 sites of Beautiful Cherry Blossoms in Japan. Inside the park are a city museum and "the path of literature", and from the observatory at the top of the park visitors can enjoy sweeping view of Onomichi city and islands on Seto Inland Sea. On fine days distant mountains of Shikoku island can be seen.

Senkoji Temple located in Senkoji Park is a temple of Shingon sect of Buddhism, and is said to have been built by priest Kobo Daishi. The vermillion lacquered main hall, also called "Red Hall" and "Bell Tower" which was selected as one of 100 Soundscapes of Japan are both symbols of Onomichi. There is a huge rock called "Tama no Iwa" on the grounds. As legend goes, there used to be a shining gem on this rock which served as a landmark for voyages. Click to see the detail.

  • Senkoji Park
Onomichi Station

JR Sanyo Line (20 min.)

Fukuyama Station
Lunch: local cuisine of Fukuyama "Fukuyama Uzumi rice"

"Uzumi" is the local cuisine of Fukuyama. During Edo period when government encouraged economization, the masses used to eat ingredients like chicken or shrimp which were considered luxury by burying them in rice. That is the origin of Uzumi rice. Various ingredients and broth are used to make Uzumi rice depending on each restaurant, which offers a variety of flavor. Recently, "Sea bream Uzumi" featuring special ingredient of Fukuyama, sea bream, has been out and very popular among Fukuyama citizens.

  • Fukuyama Uzumi Gohan(rice-bowl)


Fukuyama Castle Park (cherry blossom)

Fukuyama Castle was built in 1619 by a feudal lord Mizuno Katsunari, a cousin of Tokugawa Ieyasu, a warlord who established Edo Shogunate. It is one of the noted castles of Edo period. In August of 1945, parts of the castle including castle tower were destroyed, however, the watchtower (tall tower built for observation and defense) and an iron gate survived and were designated Important Cultural Properties. The castle tower was reconstructed in 1966 and opened as "Fukuyama Castle Museum" which exhibits articles and materials of successive feudal lords. On the premise of the castle planted 500 cherry trees, and from late March to middle of April (depends on the year) when blossoms are in full bloom, this place is crowded with thousands of people viewing the blossoms. During cherry blossom season from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m., red and white lanterns are lit at Fukuyama Castle to allow visitors to enjoy nighttime cherry blossoms.

  • Fukuyama Castle
Fukuyama Station

JR Sanyo Line (1h 40min.) or Highway bus

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