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Where Is Hiroshima?

Hiroshima Prefecture lies in the southwest of Japan's main island, Honshu. It is situated in the center of the Chugoku-Shikoku Region bordered by the Chugoku Mountains to the north and the Seto Inland Sea to the south. There are 14 cities and nine towns in Hiroshima Prefecture. The prefectural office is located in Hiroshima City.


Transportation from Hiroshima Airport

Shuttle buses depart from Hiroshima Airport to Hiroshima station, Hiroshima Bus Center, Fukuyama Station, Mihara Station, Takehara, Kure Station, Onomichi, Miyoshi and Saijo station.

The Shinkansen Line and four local JR lines converge on Hiroshima Station. The four JR lines are the Sanyo Honsen Line, the Kure Line, the Geibi Line, and the Kabe Line. The Sanyo Honsen Line heads west towards Miyajimaguchi and beyond and east to Saijo, Mihara and Fukuyama. The Kure Line runs along the picturesque southern coastline to Mihara via Kure City. The Geibi Line runs to the Bihoku region via Miyoshi Station. Streetcars and buses leave regularly from Hiroshima Station and connect to locations throughout the city.

Distance from Hiroshima Airport


Transportation from Hiroshima station

The Hiroshima station that is for JR railway is the main gate of Hiroshima-city to travelers who visit by Shinkansen. There are four JR (Japan Railway) lines run from Hiroshima station -Sanyo honsen line, Kure line, Geibi line and Kabe line. Sanyo-honsen bound for west goes for Miyajimaguchi, and the opposite line bound for east goes for Saijo, Mihara and Fukuyama. Kure line is bound for Mihara via Kure, and Geibi line is bound for Bihoku Area via Miyoshi. In Hiroshima-city, the streetcar or bus easily connect from Hiroshima station to the downtown.

To the central Hiroshima City area


Distance from Hiroshima Station



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