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Enjoy a cozy holiday at a mountain spa with lively kagura dance

Nature has created many fascinating spots, such as Sandan Valley with its 30-meter high waterfall, as well as natural spas and ski resorts!
Kagura, passed down by local people raised in nature, overwhelms with its lively style of dance.
Must-see Sight

This area is an hour drive from the Hiroshima Interchange on the San-yo Expressway. Enjoy the nostalgic atmosphere in streets and alleys with old buildings, and have a relaxing stroll. In Onomichi City, be fascinated by the superb view from the top of the mountain after visiting old temples like Senkoji Temple. Tomonoura once flourished as a waiting port. Joge has a street with white-walled buildings reminiscent of the old inns - nostalgia that makes you feel relaxed.

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Photo Courtesy of Hiroshima Prefecture
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