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Enjoy a cozy holiday at a mountain spa with lively kagura dance

Nature has created many fascinating spots, such as Sandan Valley with its 30-meter high waterfall, as well as natural spas and ski resorts!
Kagura, passed down by local people raised in nature, overwhelms with its lively style of dance.
Must-see Sight

This area is rich in natural beauty, as seen at the Bihoku Hillside Park with its wide swath of flowers in various colors and Onbashi Bridge in the Taishaku Valley, Japan's most beautiful natural bridge. It is worth spending a whole day for the many sightseeing spots like spas, art museums and wineries. It is an hour drive from the Hiroshima Interchange to the Miyoshi or Shobara Interchange. The JR Geibi Line takes you by train from Hiroshima Station to these spots of natural beauty in about 2 hours!

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Photo Courtesy of Hiroshima Prefecture
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